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“I thoroughly enjoyed myself at your inaugural concert. My questions are: Why wasn’t this done earlier? And how many lovely concerts have I missed because no one thought of this or did anything about it earlier? But then, it is always better late than never!”

Martin Lee, Senior Counsel

『音樂會實在感人至深, 本人有以下幾點回應:
1.一羣已畢業的同學竟將整晚音樂會作為對已榮休的音樂老師的尊敬和懷念, 實在難能可貴, 可見該老師的功力和對學生的影響, 其貢獻實使人敬佩。
2. 選詩均為會眾所熟悉, 容易引起共鳴。 整晚均沒有冷場, 而且高潮疊起。
3. 邀請不同指揮上台, 各展所長, 使人大開眼界。
4. 聲樂水準甚高, 獻唱者均有極佳表現, 尤其獨唱部份, 真有繞樑三日之感。』

李炳光牧師 前香港循道衛理聯合教會會長,

“Green Leaves was an artistic creation worthy of the Good Hope Singers Concert. The guest conductors were also impressive. I am sure they authenticated the high standard of your performances, the echoes of which I still appreciate.”

Father Harold Naylor, S.J.,
Wah Yan College, Kowloon

“Congratulations on the successful formation of Good Hope Singers and your excellent performance at the Inaugural Concert. I enjoyed the concert very much and look forward to many more to come in the near future. I wish you all the best.”

Mike Cheng, WYK Class of 1986
& a sincere friend of Good Hope Singers

“The performance was great. I was highly impressed by the commitment of the alumni to the school. I can tell the great culture of this school through this event.”

Dr. Xu Yan,
Associate Professor of HKUST Business School

“It is ‘an enjoyment’ to rehearse with this group of champions (all winners of various Music Festivals). They understand discipline, concentration, co-operation and 'feel' for music. Their love for singing has led them to very high quality performances. The SINGERS will surely add colour to the Hong Kong choral scene.”

Oswald Lim,
Guest Conductor, Advisor of Good Hope Singers

“In their inaugural concert, the Good Hope Singers excelled in singing, in team spirit and in the love towards their teacher, Ms Daisy Yung. They started the concert by displaying their musical talent and flexibility under the direction of the different guest conductors. But when Ms. Daisy Yung conducted the Singers in the finale, one can only say: “How admirable!!” Very well done, Good Hope Singers AND congratulations to Ms Yung!”

Prof. Chan Wing Wah, JP,
Advisor of Good Hope Singers

“The inaugural event of Good Hope Singers on 6th February was an emotional experience. The new hall was a great venue but it is large and could easily have been a little impersonal. Instead, because of the depth of emotion in the room, it felt very intimate. This was a result, not only of the well chosen programme of deeply felt songs but also of the immense good-will toward the Singers and the School felt by all those in the hall. I feel sure the venture will have a great future, having been given such a wonderful foundation of emotional support!”

Nicholas Sallnow-Smith,
Advisor of Good Hope Singers

“The performance of the Good Hope Singers on the night of February 6, 2010 was most impressive – a true reflection of the professional training they have received as well as the unfailing love, spirit and support they will always have for their alma mater.”

Alice Kingman,
Good Hope Singer and Past teacher of Good Hope School

“I was very excited too even though I was not a choir member. It was a really great show - love to hear that you have planned for next event already, love to see so many old faces and hope to see more in the future. If you need me to help again, I am ready to help in all aspects...... Thanks for drawing us together again.”

Susanna Wong,
Good Hope past student

“Thank you for giving me a chance to sing on stage after all these years. I've been telling my kids how we spent weekends, lunch breaks in practicing for the competitions, and how well we sang. Finally they heard us singing on stage, it's like mommy's stories came alive!!”

Elena Cheung,
Good Hope Singer

“Without this event, Elena & I would still be the two middle age working moms. Our focus was always on family & work. That night had changed us, brought us back to the glory of our old singing days. Inconveniences brought to our family & those sore feet during rehearsals were worth it. It's an amazing experience.”

Eliza Cheung,
Good Hope Singer

“It has been a lot of fun. In fact, my son, who is only 4.5 years old, was singing ‘Good Hope Will Shine Tonight’ after the event!”

Fanny Wong,
Good Hope Singer

“What a memorable night! I am looking forward to another event. I wanna sing Sing SING!!”

Joyce Chik,
Good Hope Singer

“It was a touching night!! Some of my old classmates were so touched when the school song was sung - it was the first time they heard it after their graduation! Stunning!”

Patricia Li,
Good Hope Singer