Here's what our guests, advisors and friends shared about this event:

" It should be me who has to thank you and all the Good Hope Singers for the excellent performance last night.  My friends who went to the concert with me were impressed as well as touched not only by the professionalism displayed by every singer, but the heart that each of you have put in the concert.  The participation by the kindergarten students was a clever arrangement as it cheered up the entire event.  "My Rainbow" is truly memorable and both of you should be proud of your achievement.

I was glad to see some of our children from the nursery school also played a small part in the concert. In fact, all of us at Heep Hong are grateful to the Good Hope Singers and believe that with your support for the second year, we should be able to brighten the lives of many more special needs children with music and love. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who had helped to make "My Rainbow" such a big success.  Thank you, thank you..............

Nancy Tsang,
Director of Heep Hong Society

“I enjoyed immensely every time conducting the Good Hope Singers. Where can we find an adult choir in HK (or in the region) with such beautiful voices in both sopranos and altos? These are all amateur singers yet performing with top professional standard. HK should be proud of you all!

Please do keep up the energy with the most dynamic Ms. Yung! ”

Prof. Chan Wing Wah, JP,
Advisor of Good Hope Singers