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About Us

Good Hope Singers is formed by past Good Hope School Choir members of different generations. Under the guidance of our beloved choir teachers throughout the years, we came to appreciate how singing makes a positive impact in our lives, and more importantly, how music relieves and empowers us in times of difficulty. 

Music has brought so much to all of us, and we would like to pay it forward to our community. This is why we have established Good Hope Singers as a charitable organisation on 23 December 2009. 

Who we are

Formed under the auspices of Good Hope School, our Alma Mater, we are set to pursue the following objectives:

(1) To promote and advance music education in Hong Kong at all levels;

(2) To support the development of music talents in Hong Kong;

(3) To promote the Christian spirit of joy and thanksgiving and to share the love of God through music;

(4) To raise funds through music activities and give donations to designated charitable organisations; and

(5) To support the Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Conception and Good Hope School in their charitable works.


Our People

The Committee
Our Supporters
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