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Singing Without Boundaries - Virtual Choir

May 2020

We came as a group because of the joy of singing, moreover, appreciation of how music gives us relief and empowerment when we need a boost of positive energy.

Over the past months, we have witnessed significant changes in our way of life, our families and communities brought by an unprecedented pandemic. The need for social distancing might mean we cannot gather for a while, however, thanks to technology, we could still spread our love through singing!

As a prayer to God who guides us through uncertainties, 51 of us decided to ‘join voices’ virtually in performing <I am His Child>. It has even included nine beautiful voices from Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We also wish our Alma Mater, MIC sisters, young sisters and teachers safe and healthy through these unusual times. Stay safe, until we meet again!

Past Events

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